4 min readFeb 19, 2022


Let the monster starve!

My own photography…

“Why are you ignoring me?” he wrote…

“Here’s an article by Yuval Noah Harari”, I replied…

What I really wanted to say to you is that I’m done being pulled and pushed when you decide the direction in which the wind blows. I’m going to play your mind games and deny you the right to be acknowledged. I will not be mindful of your feelings and will close the “kindness” tap.

I have decided to let go of everything that gives you the feeling of control over me. I won’t fight you over it anymore. Take it all!

Yes, I will let you exert your power and shall willfully allow you to deprive me of everything I could possibly need as an equal partner. You’ll exhaust all your weapons of psychological war until nothing is left in your arsenal. And you know what I’ll do then? I’ll take myself out of your life and simply walk away. That biggest “prize” you’ve ever scored? That smart, intellectual, multi-lingual, hot wife that you brag about? She will just walk away without a word, not even a goodbye. and she’ll be vindicated knowing you’re left with nothing but your heavy baggage, filled with hatred, ignorance, complications, and lots and lots of drama!

Those emails and texts that you don’t want me to read? I have no desire to see them anymore to feel included and involved in your “other” life. As a matter of fact, I pity you for not having resolve and courage to set boundaries for that person you refer to as “that nasty woman”, who acts like a disgruntled wife, and believes that your “Divorced” status was just a formality “to avoid arguments”.

Yes, I did not send you a reply on purpose; Why should I agree with you when you refer to her as “nasty and racist”? when I showed you evidence of her bigotry, and asked you to put her in her place, you gaslighted me and denied me MY truth; you called me ‘crazy” for sharing my perspectives and said it’s all subject to interpretation… Well guess what? There’s just one interpretation for the word: COWARD.

And that bank account that you were so hell bound on me not discovering? Well, I knew about it all along! and it’s heartbreaking to witness such a deceiving act of manipulation and not being able or “allowed” to help. I pity you for not having the guts to face the obvious, and for neglecting your role as a…