2 min readJun 6, 2020


I’m outraged by your choice of “Bags”!

True story…

Image taken from a public news source

Of all the bags in the world, you had to carry this WHITE one!!?? I guess with so much trauma in your life, you must have felt so confused and disoriented, right?

Oh, you poor thing… I understand your dilemma and I do commiserate with you, and your family during these tough times..

Who would have imagined that you’d go though all this trouble just to show this much solidarity and empathy for the people protesting injustice and oppression. Thank you, no really! Thank you for making such a strong statement in support for what your fellow citizens and countrymen are going through.

What I think would suit your image and your internal and external beauty that is, is not this hideous handbag with a price tag of a monthly income; For a fashionista like you, you should be careful not to make such a faux-pas; but I’m sure you were in a hurry and grabbed whatever you laid hands on..

However, I’m surprised your husband didn’t offer his expert opinion on that.. or did he? I mean with his immense experience and superior skills, you definitely should have consulted with him; I hear he’s an expert in “bags”..

Well, I’m offering you my advice in a “fashionable” manner; this bag is a better match of your “style”..