I had a dream…

5 min readJan 3, 2021

“Did you put on some eye cream?” I asked and wasn’t being facetious at all. “Yes, I do take your skincare routine very seriously although don’t necessarily think highly of the brand you’re using; it’s a rip off! but who knows, maybe their customer service is so good (looking😉) that it’s worth paying such a high premium for ?!” (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm)!

“No, I want to look older” was your reply, tongue in cheek as you were sitting across the white table, in our hotel room. Yes, age had shown on your face; your forehead has mapped the years of souvenirs you made with me and everyone else you loved, but your wrinkles are significantly adding to your immense sex appeal.. and as Michelle Torr said in a famous song: “Tu as les yeux trop bleus… à faire pleurer les femmes”..

I noticed few extra pounds around your waist and torso that you call muscles. They looked good on you and I certainly prefer the man you are now to the “boy” I once met.

You were wearing the same blue shirt from the night before because you had packed poorly for the trip but heck, you are a devilishly handsome vagabond that even if you wore a bean bag, you’d still be stalked and asked if you were that famous actor, and you’d still be asked for an autograph.

My back was against the wall and I was wearing a white blouse that you hadn’t seen before. “I like your blouse” you said, “It brings out the color of your hair and golden skin”.

I know that you also noticed how well it hugged my “belle poitrine” (It sounds sexier in French) and tiny waist that you so adore. I admit that I chose to wear this blouse, (In my dream), with not much of an innocent intent (none whatsoever) because you are way hotter than me and because you steal all the attention when we’re in public!

We sipped our overly priced coffee and you ate “my” cold chocolate waffle that I had bought on our way back the night before; After hours of walking in the cold, I needed a chocolate snack and didn’t care about the “no-can-eat past midnight” rule and could dare all the health aficionados! I would argue that chocolate is a healthy fruit, or nut or vegetable or whatever… you decide; ultimately, I’m an anarchist when it comes to chocolate!

Without too many “paroles”, we were happy to live those precious moments but sad…