4 min readApr 13, 2019

A beautiful stranger in 14 E…

I seldom react when I catch men staring at me (sometimes women too); I simply look away because I actually don’t know how to play the part and how to reciprocate a flirtatious gaze ..It’s an art and believe me, I haven’t mastered it otherwise I would have been with the man of my dreams by now, a Jason Momoa or a Kurt Cobain look-alike.. Instead, I chose to turn a deaf ear when I hear a praise and pretend like no one is around when I feel “observed”.

But this time around, I almost went against my nature.

I was one of the last few passengers to board the plane; Got to row 14 and here he was, in the seat right next to mine.

As I stood in the aisle, reaching for the overhead bin, I could see him (yeah, had clear peripheral view) looking straight at me so I slowly yet steadily secured my bag, closed the bin and in a flash, looked right at him and smiled! He was enigmatic and his deep blue eyes revealed such eagerness, pureness and innocence. His hungry eyes were not threatening. They were feline, almost inhuman…

I took my seat and believe me, this is exactly what happened. There was such an attraction it almost felt like heat waves suddenly rising.

10 minutes through the flight, he reached out for his phone and started texting; I was reading the letters of Martin Luther King, JR. while in prison in Birmingham (highly recommend you read it). The flight attendant asks me what I’d like to drink so I turn to face her and I catch his burning gaze piercing right through me; I don’t know what happened but I found myself looking back at him provocatively with one eyebrow slightly (and I mean slightly) raised in defiance and a clear “I dare you” kind of look. At this very moment all I wanted was for him to make his move and speak up!

I asked for a Prosecco and had a $10 bill in my hand to pay for my drink, and just like that, he uttered few words: “It’s free when you’re in Comfort+”. Here it is, seize the moment! I thought to myself. I had to find something witty and funny to say back but all I ended up saying was a stupid “Oh, is it?” and with the most seductive tone I could muster, I followed by: “I’ll keep that in mind for my next trip” and I chuckled… I didn’t know what else to say!! On the outside, I looked collected, reserved with a fake naivete that every seductive female knows when to use to her advantage, but on the inside, I was in agony; The pace of this seduction dance was dead slow, and I had less than an hour left on this flight. I had to make him ask why I was heading to NY, why I have an accent and I wanted him to guess my origins and I wanted to talk about life, work, hobbies, food, etc. just make him talk woman! Let him say anything, lots of things just to hear his voice again, watch his lips moving and look straight in his eyes. But I couldn’t find anything to say; It was torture!! People, where do you learn these skills? How come I’ve missed this part in my school of life’s curriculum?!

Silence fell and I could feel the tension building, again and then I saw it. the wedding ring! suddenly the value of this human prey had appreciated; The eternal forbidden fruit predicament and the scarcity principle; all of it made more perfect sense and at that very moment, I wished there was a “how to” or a “best practice” guide to help me keep the momentum going, but I looked away observing the colors of the horizon then buried my head in my book.. and wrote this:

To you, beautiful stranger, I say that you’ve awoken a carnal desire that I thought had withered away. I’m imagining my hands touching your forearms, my body pinned against yours and my lips ravishing your full luscious lower lip. These feelings were dormant and frankly speaking, I’m glad the flight is almost over otherwise, I would have ended up committing an insanely impulsive act.

As I’m writing these lines, you probably can see me jotting down something on the last page of my book while I’m smirking. You have no clue what kind of thoughts are crossing my mind right now, of my fingers running through your soft blonde hair and all over your beautiful golden skin.

Oh, how I want to do unspeakable things to you; It’s good we didn’t connect otherwise you’d find out what a freak I am so it’s better to keep the animal in me, locked in its cage.

The plane landed and we both looked at each other as the wheels touched the tarmac; this time your gaze is more intense than the last one. And, No! I’m not imagining these things and no it’s not the Prosecco talking…