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“Did you put on some eye cream?” I asked and wasn’t being facetious at all. “Yes, I do take your skincare routine very seriously although don’t necessarily think highly of the brand you’re using; it’s a rip off! but who knows, maybe their customer service is so good (looking😉) that it’s worth paying such a high premium for ?!” (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm)!

“No, I want to look older” was your reply, tongue in cheek as you were sitting across the white table, in our hotel room. Yes, age had shown on your face; your forehead has mapped the years of…

I’m outraged by your choice of “Bags”!

True story…

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Image taken from a public news source

Of all the bags in the world, you had to carry this WHITE one!!?? I guess with so much trauma in your life, you must have felt so confused and disoriented, right?

Oh, you poor thing… I understand your dilemma and I do commiserate with you, and your family during these tough times..

Who would have imagined that you’d go though all this trouble just to show this much solidarity and empathy for the people protesting injustice and oppression. Thank you, no really! …

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When I heard of Dr. Lorna Breen who took her own life on April 26, I thought that I should speak up for this woman and everyone before her and after her, and even for me.

I want to be able to write about some of what a human being feels when thoughts of suicide invade her/his mind. I’m one of those… and I have been thinking about it for quite some time; The nagging feeling to depart is haunting me but I’ve been fighting it, because I’m a coward! …

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La Cigale et La Fourmi, in modern times!

For my English speaking readers, and just to give you a bit of perspective, please lookup the English translation of this classic poem or “Fable” by Jean de La Fontaine, preferably before you carry on reading this piece; That’ll give you an idea of what the morale of the story is.. and for all those who have never read La Fontaine’s work, I can guarantee you’ll get a quick out of it.

As a kid, I had to memorize every word of “La Cigale et la Fourmi”; I know that gives away…

Better the devil she knows…

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The ride back home was long; 45 minutes of uninterrupted silence and a heavy atmosphere. His hands on the steering wheel and his eyes fixated on the road. His physical presence brings her no emotional fulfilment and when he’s around, she retrieves into her own space and shuts down parts of her consciousness, the parts where memories of feeling happy are stored. They must be numbed and muted.

She need not wonder where his thoughts are at the moment; Back in the supermarket, she ceased to exist when somewhere in the coffee section, he spotted…

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A beautiful stranger in 14 E…

I seldom react when I catch men staring at me (sometimes women too); I simply look away because I actually don’t know how to play the part and how to reciprocate a flirtatious gaze ..It’s an art and believe me, I haven’t mastered it otherwise I would have been with the man of my dreams by now, a Jason Momoa or a Kurt Cobain look-alike.. Instead, I chose to turn a deaf ear when I hear a praise and pretend like no one is around when I feel “observed”.

But this time around, I…

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Drunken me: The room is spinning… where am I?

Me: you’re somewhere in the Americas

Drunken me: how did I get here?

Me: You’ve got no home, remember? so you packed your bags and you made it all the way to this foreign land.

Drunken me: Yeah that’s right. I needed a drastic change in my life. I had to break the chains and breathe freedom so I took matters in my own hands — I’m the master of my own destiny - Hooray!

Wait, am I happy?

Me: Yes you’re probably better off with such new beginning. You were…

“Sleeping with other people”

A catchy title for a movie I must admit, but a story I found to be quite deceiving.

You see, I’m not opposed to non-monogamy for as long as it doesn’t violate the main premise of transparency and mutual respect in open relationships.

And yet, this movie sent me on a tail spin and stirred up some unpleasant feelings buried somewhere in a forsaken ‘unwanted memories’ department…

What’s the big deal might you ask?

Well, in this movie, two adults who once had a one-night stand in high school, are reunited 12 years later and decide…

Part 1: A letter to the girlfriend of the man I thought was mine…

I probably should hate the idea that you’ll be in the life of my man; sorry… I meant to say the man who was mine, or at least I thought he was…

No, I don’t hate the idea and to prove it, please read this letter..

When you’ll meet him for the first time, let’s call him Mr. A, he’ll sweep you off your feet… You’ll see the tiny wrinkles form in the outer corner of his eyes as he smiles and I’m sure you’ll melt…

I avoid answering the question “How old are you” and here’s why I started avoiding the age question as soon as I crossed 40!

  • Because with “age”, it got harder and harder to find a partner who sees my fine lines and wrinkles as a badge of honor rather than of horror.
  • Because I get the jaw-drop and the eyes wide open kind of reaction when I reveal my real age..
  • Because I was told “You’re old” in a derogatory way, few times..
  • Because I am considered “outdated” in the job market..
  • Because I am not cool enough in the…


I'm a nobody.. Just a lost soul

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